4 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be on InstagramYour brand is on Facebook, and Twitter, but are you on Instagram?  The popular photo sharing site isn't just for selfies and pictures of your food.  It's a great option for marketing your brand as well!

Why Should My Brand Be on Instagram?

Good question! Instagram provides a number of benefits to brands looking to expand their social media marketing.  One of the best reasons to use Instagram is simply the photos. Everyone loves photos, especially on social media where they garner some of the best interaction rates.  Photos give the fans of your brands a look behind the scenes, a sneak peek at new or their favorite products, and examples of how your brand suits their lifestyles.

Instagram's hashtags also make it an excellent choice for increasing brand engagement.  Hashtags are now commonplace among all the most common social networks. Using them to your advantage can enable your content to reach more users.  If you have existing hashtag campaigns already in use by your brand, you can also use it on Instagram to reach a new audience.

Interacting with your brands supporters is necessary to build brand loyalty. Instagram provides a great platform for brands. You can accomplish this in various creative ways from featuring fan photos, to running contests, to simply commenting and being active in the community.  Show your supporters you care about them and they will return the love.

Instagram is mobile!  While it's true, other social networks are available on mobile devices and many users use them while on the go, Instagram is only mobile.  Take advantage of this to connect with your mobile supporters.  Connect with your supporters while they are on the go, at your physical storefront, or at one of your events!

Instagram can be a great marketing option for your brand. From celebrities and bands to physical stores selling any number of products you can connect with your supporters using the power of images.  Does your brand use Instagram? (LOLSMG is!) What part does it play in your social media marketing? Tell us about it in the comments!