3 WordPress Plugins to Easily Implement Rich PinsPinterest has added articles to their family of rich pins.  Rich Pins give Pinterest users extra information at a glance which can translate into more interaction and exposure for those who use Rich Pins.  If you read over the developer information on Rich Pins it might be confusing for those who aren't so tech savvy! Don't worry there are some easy to use plugins you can use on your WordPress powered site to easily add the necessary Rich Pin mark-up to your site.

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

As one of the leading SEO plugins for WordPress you might already have this installed on your site! It already has the functionality to add oEmbed to your content for optimized sharing on Facebook.  This same oEmbed code can be used for  Rich Pins as well.

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate also supports oEmbed codes. If you have this plugin installed just head over to the "Social Networks Listing" tab and select your open graph type.  It supports all of the current Pinterest Rich Pin types as well as many more open graph types.

ABG Rich Pins

This is a Rich Pin specific plugin, however, as of the time of writing this, it does not currently support rich pin articles.  It does support recipes, movies, and products.  Simply choose your Rich Pin type and fill out the information. It even includes a handy link to verify and submit your pin to Pinterest.

Adding rich pin markup doesn't have to be scary! It doesn't even have to require a developer! Check out these 3 plugins to add Rich Pins to your WordPress powered site today.  Did we miss a plugin that supports rich pins? Share it with us in the comments!