Pinning' become the new Tweeting? There's a new social media network in town and it's creating a lot of buzz.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where users can create their own collections of all of the things they love. Popular boards include products, gadgets, recipes, books, interests and pretty much anything else you can think of. People pin photos on their boards and when expanded, viewers are taken to the site of origin. Pinterest jumped into the top ten most visited social networks in 2011 and only continues to grow.

It’s too soon to say that all celebrities should start using Pinterest, but it’s definitely worthwhile to take a look at, and see if it’s something that works, for you. There are some great ideas and interesting items Pinned on there. I found this awesome picture and unique idea for shoe storage – something my closet is desperately in need of!

Pinterest can also be used to promote brands and build audiences. In addition to the latest style trends (a popular Pinterest category,) people are posting pictures and videos of celebrities, talking about upcoming television shows and movies and publicizing online promotions. Some of our celebs are already getting Pinned, like Zendaya & Caroline Sunshine .

A public figure can create their own personal pinboard, displaying their personality, interests and causes. Their followers get a first look at favorite trends, products, newest content and downloads and even upcoming events. In addition, fans are able to feel connected with their favorite celebrities on a deeper level.

Another useful too is fan promotion on Pinterest. 'Pinners' can create a word of mouth process for online promotions, products and stories. In addition, there is a future in Pinterest based contests such as 'Who can create the best board?'

While still in its early stages, businesses and brands are starting to see the value in creating profiles on the site. Pinterest activity can drive traffic to fan sites and bring fans closer to properties and products. As popularity continues to grow, there is even the possibility of creating earning directly through your pins. It is just another innovative way social media is creating new opportunities to interact with your audiences.

As always, just want to keep you “in the know” on the latest with social media!

Alice, LOL SMG Project Manager