How To Stay Popular in the Social Media World You are active on social media and are steadily gaining followers.  After a while you notice your numbers are beginning to stagnate.  What's going on?  Why are fewer people liking your page and following your brand?  Check out these guidelines and you will ensure you will stay popular in a fickle online world.

Use Your Analytics

Which type of content isn't preforming?  Are you capitalizing on trends that have been played out? Or maybe your content is getting repetitive?  Look at what isn't working and see how you can either improve it, or  move on to something better.

Interact With Your Fans

How are you interacting with your fans. Are you interacting with them or just talking at them?  It may be impossible to reply to every single comment, but you must make time to reply to a sampling of them.  Connect with your fans like a real person, because they are real people! Would you ignore a customer in your physical store? No! Don't ignore them online either.

Don't Spam!

Are you getting spammy?  Multiple posts a day is fine, and indeed it's necessary in order to give it the best option of being seen by as many people as possible.  However, there's a balance to posting frequently, and just spamming your followers.  Take a good hard look at your posting frequency by social network. Remember, what's good for Twitter isn't good for Facebook, or Pinterest.

Be Appropriate

Do you capitalize on trending events when you shouldn't?  Are your posts in keeping with your brand? Offending fans is never good, nor is giving them irrelevant information.  This only serves to confuse and drive your fans away.  Keep your fans entertained, informed and engaged with relevant & tasteful posts.

Mind Your Manners

How are your manners? Do you thank followers? Say please? Being polite even in the most trying circumstances will always leave a better impression than flying off the handle into a rant (that will most likely come back to haunt you).  Whether you are connecting with influencers, brand ambassadors or fans a little politeness will go a long way to building a good name for your brand, and a long lasting relationship.
Following these 5 guidelines will help keep your social media marketing on the right track and your fanbase happy and growing. Do you have any other tips to share to stay popular in the social media world? Share them with us in the comments!