What is SMS Marketing and How Can it Help Your Business?SMS Marketing, or Text Message marketing, what is it? It doesn't get nearly as much coverage as social media marketing or even email marketing. However, it can be your secret marketing weapon.

What Is SMS or Text Message Marketing?

SMS Marketing works in a similar manner to email marketing.  You can send out messages to your list subscriber's mobile devices via SMS or Text Message.  However, it also has some important differences.  First and foremost, it is an opt in list only.  List owners cannot take phone numbers acquired from other sources and use them. They must get them from users who have opted into the list specifically to get the message alerts.  This is one big advantage for marketers: they know for certain that the individuals signed up for their list are interested in receiving their messages.  Unlike email, SMS messages have a much higher open rate, currently the text message open rate is as high as 97% compared to email which has an open rate of 15% (source).

How Can It Help My Brand?

It's no secret that people are spending more time with their mobile phones & devices than ever before.  While watching tv or interacting with friends and family their phone is never far from reach.  SMS marketing allows you to reach people where ever they are, whatever they are doing. How many times have you been in conversation with someone only to have them look at their phone to check their messages? That message could be yours.

Can I Only Send Messages?

No! SMS Marketing is very flexible!  From mobile coupons to appointment reminders SMS marketing offers a variety of features that can meet the needs of any business! Publicize events & promotions, gain insight through polls and questionnaires or simplify your appointment process, it can all be done with text message marketing services!

SMS marketing might not have the publicity and trend factor that social media marketing offers, however it can be a valuable addition to any business' marketing plan.  With mobile use poised to take over desktop internet use mobile marketing is more important now than ever.  Connect with your customers & clients where they are the most: on their phones.  Are mobile marketing services a part of your marketing plan?  Have are you considering adding mobile to your marketing plan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!