Email marketing can prove to be a risky business. Consider how quickly you will dismiss an annoying e-blast from a company that you willingly registered with. Who hasn’t felt the annoyance of an inbox cluttered with irrelevant junk mail? We feel your pain!


Let’s start with the good: Your website visitors will happily join your mailing list if they love the services, products, or information you provide. The bad news? They will also be quick to click unsubscribe the minute they feel annoyed by any one particular email. The solution to this is segmentation, which proves to be especially useful if you cater to a wide range of audiences or customers.

People all naturally fall into different groups in life. Think of it like high school, there are the clicks of nerdy kids, the jocks, and the “Mean Girls.” All of these groups have different interests that you must cater to. Now would it make sense to send a group of  “Mean Girls” the latest information on a Sci-fi flick or a video game release?

Whether you prefer Mail Chimp, Mad Mimi, Constant Contact, or another email marketing solution, all of the major providers will allow you to classify your consumers into groups through segmentation. In fact, you can set up your mailing list forms with this in mind by asking your visitors what they would like their email updates to be about.

Within the backend of your selected email marketing system, you can separate your audience into groups, thus giving you the ability to craft campaigns targeted to your consumers. This simple action gives you a better understanding of what content is going to attract your following and, if you have products to sell, it will highlight the products or services that are most likely to illicit action.

All effective email-marketing campaigns use this segmentation technique in some way or form. More advanced corporations such as track the items that their customers have viewed and send them friendly email reminders that this product is still available. This is all done in an effort to draw traffic back to their site with the lure of products that they know have already piqued the interest of individuals or groups. If you are more advanced this is a good technique to implement into your email marketing strategy.

Just beginning to implement segments into your plan? It’s a good idea to start with smaller scale segmentation and work your way up! It is easy solution for guaranteeing effective and relevant campaigns and for securing loyal subscribers.