What Everybody Ought To Know About Mobile MarketingDoes mobile play a role in your marketing plan?  If not it should! Did you know that 91% of Americans have cell phones, and of those cell phone users 81% of them send & receive text messages and 60% access the internet with their phones? (source: Pew Internet).  With that many people using internet on their phones you can't afford not to take them into account with your marketing!

Mobile marketing can take on many different facets, from mobile websites to SMS/Texting advertising and mobile coupons.  Each has their own role to play in your marketing plan.  Here's what you need to know about mobile marketing:

Mobile Websites

With more and more people accessing the internet over their phones and mobile devices, it's increasingly important to make that experience a positive one.  61% of people have better opinions of companies & brands when they offer a good mobile experience (source: Latitude Next-Gen Retail).  Mobile customers are as important as those accessing your site through a desktop and deserve a great experience no matter the device they choose to access your site.

SMS/Texting Services

Open rates for SMS are greater than 99%

While SMS may seem like a low tech solution that's on it's way out, it can be an incredibly effective method of marketing.  Open rates for SMS greater than 99% (source: Mobile Storm). Neither traditional marketing, email marketing, or social media marketing even come close to achieving those rates!   SMS marketing features lower amounts of spam thanks to it's strict regulation, and very low opt out rates of only 5% (source: ITC).  SMS services can include features like mobile coupons, appointment reminders, and loyalty programs.


Apps are only increasing in popularity. Over 50% of cell phone users have installed apps (source: Pew Internet).  Apps are a great way to give users a more fully featured experience. From games to useful apps that allow customers to manage accounts or receive important information apps are the go to option when more functionality is needed than a simple mobile site.

Don't neglect your increasing numbers of mobile users!  Mobile marketing is here to stay! Add it to your marketing plan today to reach more customers, and convert more sales.  Looking for a knowledgeable guide to the world of mobile marketing, mobile sites and apps? LOL Mobile Media will be launching soon to meet all of your mobile marketing needs.  Choose from mobile services, or integrate with the all of the  web design and social media marketing services LOLSMG offers to give your brand a custom mobile & social media marketing solution.