[Infographic] Smart Marketers Think Mobile FirstAre you reaching mobile users with your current marketing plan? If you are not reaching out to mobile users then you are missing a huge opportunity! Marketing isn't limited by device or medium. In today's day and age a cohesive approach to marketing is mandatory.  This includes mobile users.

Why mobile users? Lets take a look at the facts, courtesy of Unified's infographic "Why Smart Social Marketers Think Mobile First".

Over 78% of Facebook users access Facebook via a mobile device at least once a month  (Click to Tweet). Twitter comes in at slightly less with 60% however, those percentages are still huge numbers of people that cannot be overlooked.  Mobile use will only increase as mobile devices are expected to be more common than personal computers by 2015.

If the sheer numbers of mobile users isn't enough to convince you, then take a look at the behavior of mobile users.  You might be tempted to think it would be similar to that of desktop users. However, you'd be wrong.  Mobile users share twice as often as desktop users (Click to Tweet). Capturing the attention of mobile users brings an inherent increase in engagement and reach.  If your content is on Pinterest, that can reach as much as 3 times as many shares vs desktop.

[Infographic] Why Smart Social Marketers Think Mobile First

Don't be left behind. 41% of Facebook's revenue from advertising is from mobile, while YouTube gets 25% of it's revenue from mobile advertising.  Large brands are already taking advantage of mobile marketing, don't be left behind. Don't forget about the mobile users when planning your next marketing campaign.