What are Landing Pages? + Tips to Make Yours Awesome!Landing pages have become a very popular tool in websites arsenals.  This is for good reason! A great landing page helps to increase conversions and profit!

Landing pages are pages specifically designed to complement a specific campaign.  From email campaigns to social media campaigns and everything in between they all can utilize landing pages.  A successful landing page has only one purpose in mind; be that email newsletter signups, e-book sales or product trials.

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

There's no secret formula to a great landing page, no matter your landing page's purpose it will still require a lot of A/B testing to find what works best for your customers.  There are however, some general guidelines that should be followed:

Keep it Simple: One Purpose Only

Your landing page should have one and only one purpose.  This simplicity keeps visitors focused on the end goal and prevents them from getting distracted or confused.

Clear Calls to Action

Calls to action are important for getting any kind of conversion, even more so on landing pages!  Use compelling calls to action and ensure they are prominently displayed. Don't hide them in corner or the sidebar with tiny text! Ensure they stand out and are repeated throughout the page. This is especially important if your landing page is long!

Use Headings

Your headings should be prominent and always relate back to your page's goal.  Keep it simple but engaging. Remember your goal is to inspire your visitors to action!  They will need a reason to sign up to your newsletter, or purchase your product.

Use Graphics & Media

Product demonstration videos, graphics, and screenshots all can help add value to your landing page. Show off the most tempting parts of your product in the finest light!

Testimony & Social Proof

Visitors might not believe you, but they will be more willing to trust in a product that their friends have recommended! Gather up testimony from satisfied customers and show it off on your landing page. Nothing says "this is legit" like positive reviews from others!

Test, Test, Test!

Always test your landing pages! Even minor tweaks to copy or layout can bring about vast improvements in conversions! Nothing is to small to overlook from the influence color has over people, to the text on your sign up button. Always seek to improve your landing pages through testing and the valuable data it will provide you.

Landing pages are an important weapon in any business' arsenal. Time spent perfecting your landing pages will be rewarded with higher conversions and increased profit.  Do you have any more tips for an outstanding landing page? Share them in the comments!