[Infographic] How Successful Brands Use Vine (And You Can Too)Vine is still a relatively new social network, however it has the potential to make a great marketing impact for brands.  Not all brands utilize the network as well as they might hope, however this infographic from The 7th Chamber takes a look at what the most successful brands on Vine are doing.

Companies like Internet Explorer, RedVines, and AirBnB dominate on Vine.  An astounding 5 tweets every second contain a Vine video.  While videos continue to be an active part of the online experience, getting a branded video noticed can be a challenge in a sea of content.  However, with Vine those chances rise by a factor of 4!

Success comes to brands on Vine that follow five simple best practices:

  1. Use of Hashtags
  2. How To or Informational Videos
  3. Utilize other resources to expand reach, commonly Twitter integration
  4. Include Calls to Action
  5. Creativity

Using these 5 best practices will help brands produce captivating content that engages their audiences.  Improve your brand's Vine videos with the helpful information in The 7th Chamber's infographic below:

Vine has great potential for helping brands reach more people. However, as with all social media networks, it only works if the brand tailors their content for the platform as well as uses their own unique talents to produce quality content.  Does your brand use Vine? Are there any other best practices you would add or conversely any errors that brands should avoid? Share them with us in the comments.