How Social Media Is Transforming Customer Relationship Management


Social media is a valuable promotional tool, however it also just as valuable when it comes to customer relationships. Your customers are no longer limited to interacting with you through traditional means and often turn to social media with issues or concerns before using other avenues. Learn how you can manage your customer relationships on social media and what this means for your business and your customers with this infographic from Fanhub.

With over 60% of customers interacting with brands on social media you can't afford to ignore them. However, most customer conversations on social media are not sales orientated. A hard sell won't win over your customers on social media. Instead open up a true conversation with them.

There can be wide divide between how businesses and brands believe their response times to customer inquiries on social media should be and the expectations of their customers. If a brand or business fails to meet these customer expectations the customers may go elsewhere. Customers expect brands to answer their inquiries on social media in a timely manner and by timely that meanswithin an hour, not within a day or two. Customers on social media want their questions answered now, not later. Being aware of these expectations can help you to better serve your customers on social media.

What about customer expectations on brand content? Customers expect a brand's content to be engaging. They are especially keen to see content that gives them the latest product or business news as well as content that will give them a discount or that features some type of promotion.

How you manage your customer relationships will depend on your needs. There are many customer relationship management tools that will help you provide a better experience for your customers on social media. However, whatever tool you use, you want to ensure it allows for fast feedback to customers and allow customer service people on the other end to easily manage and take care of problems and issues.

Social media is all about building relationships, when it comes to business that is no different. Using social media to manage and build customer relationships will help your business succeed.

Infographic: How Social Media Is Transforming Customer Relationship Management
Infographic: How Social Media Is Transforming Customer Relationship Management