Infographic: The Growth of Social Media [UPDATED]It seems like everyone is on social media these days. The Search Engine Journal has updated their infographic on the growth of social media networks. Looking back over the past 9 years of social networks, the growth is astounding!  While it may seem like there's no room for growth, there is still a sizable population not on social media networks. 28% of internet users are not on any social media network.

It may be no surprise that younger age groups have the highest saturation of social media presence with ages 18-25 years having nearly 90% social media saturation.  However, users in the older age groups are steadily growing.  Over 43% of internet users 65+ are now on social media (tweet this).  The 45 to 54 and 54-64 age groups are the fastest growing populations across all social networks!

Mobile use is another area of growth. 71% of users access their social networks from their mobile devices (tweet this)! Further evidence of the growing importance creating a great mobile experience for your users.

The Growth of Social Media v2.0 [INFOGRAPHIC] Source: The Growth of Social Media v2.0 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The social media network bubble hasn't broken just yet! There's still room for even more expansion.  With traditionally sparse demographics now increasing their social network use it gives marketers and businesses new avenues to connect with their users.  If you need help navigating the ever changing world of social media and social media marketing, LOLSMG is here to help. Let us do your social media marketing for you while you focus on growing and running your business.