[Infographic] The Differences Between Classic Marketing & Social Media MarketingSocial media is here to stay.   However, classic marketing still has a place in the marketing world.  They key is realizing the differences in each field of marketing and using them to their best advantage.  This infographic from Toushenne lays out the differences between classic and social media marketing.

 Overall social media marketing takes a more informal route. It's all about connecting with consumers.  Unlike classic marketing it's much more transparent and is active 24/7.  Social media marketing also operates at a faster pace, especially when it reacts to current events.  It also extends far beyond the marketing department.  While classic marketing may originate with the marketing department, every single employee and customer has the ability to interact and influence the tone of the brand's social media marketing.

The Differences Between Classic and Social Media Marketing

While classical marketing and social media marketing have their differences, they are both complimentary.  The slower paced, more strategic classical marketing techniques compliment the fast paced, unpredictable social media.