Creating an online community can be a challenge. However, it's necessary for today's online marketing. Social media is great, but only if it has an engaged community supporting it.  Otherwise you are simply talking in the middle of an indifferent crowd instead of having valuable conversations with real people.

Simpler Media Group Inc, has created this infographic detailing 6 elements necessary for creating and engaging your online community:

  • Culture - Each community is different, and each community creates their own unique cultures based upon the interactions between memebers.
  • Metrics - Measure what is effective and what isn't, use this knowledge to focus on what gives you the best return on your invement.
  • Transparency - Be clear with your community, they will know when you are not being truthful with them. No one wants to be part of a community they cannot trust.
  • Engagement - Encourage your community to participate, sometimes all that is needed is to ask.
  • Value - Give your community a reason to stay. It could be promotions, sales, exclusive content or even advice and hellpful tips. Whatever it is, keep them coming back for more.
  • Conversations - Don't just talk at your community, have actual conversations with them. They will be more engaged if they feel like you listen and care.



How does your online community stack up to these 6 elements? Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know in the comments!