You post many tweets every single day, but how many of those tweets are perfect?  A perfect tweet will reach more users, get more retweets and generally be successful. Before you send off that next tweet check out this infographic by NeoMobile to learn how to create a perfect tweet.

Breaking it down, a perfect tweet contains several different parts.  First and foremost is tweet length.  Keeping the tweet to about 100 characters is ideal. It allows for retweets and others to add their own comments to further increase interaction.  Long tweets run the risk of getting cut off when they are retweeted. To this end use link shortening services like or to save character counts. Keep in mind people may be suspicious of some lesser known link shortening services so sticking to the well known ones are best!

Keep your hashtags under control!  2 or 3 hashtags per tweet is the maximum that should be used. Be mindful of the hashtags you choose, ensure they represent what your tweet is about and are not simply hashtags chosen at random. (LPT: Words like #you, #here are not good hashtags. Things like #socialmedia or #technology are.)

Check out the rest of the tips to create a perfect tweet in the infographic below:

[Infographic] How To Create the Perfect Tweet

How do your tweets stack up? Have you found success using these methods? Tell us your experiences and share any other Twitter tips you have in the comments!