When it comes to marketing on social media, two goals stand out: getting more shares and creating more meaningful conversations.  Those two goals are intertwined, the more people aware of your content the more chances of meaningful conversation and a better brand awareness.  What makes a content shareable?  How can your brand give your content the best opportunity for success?  This infographic from  Ogilvy shares 7 tips to improve your content's shareability.

The key idea to remember when creating shareable content is that it's all word of mouth marketing.  Just as people talk about brands and products they love off line, they do online as well.  They love brands that give them value, provide them excellent experiences and reflect their own lifestyles and goals.

7 Principles of Social Design Infographic

How many of these principles does your social media marketing utilized?  Are there any others that have been left out? Tell us about it in the comments!