Pinterest can be a huge traffic source.  On the surface finding a pretty, eye catching image seems easy. However, dig a little deeper and you might be surprised at the best performing image characteristics on Pinterest.  Curalate has combed through millions of images on pins to create this infographic detailing the characteristics of some of the most successful images on Pinterest.

Curalate found that color plays an important role. Red-Orange colors had higher pin rates than cooler blues.  However, they also found that images that contained multiple colors did better than those with only one color.  Color isn't the only characteristic that plays a role in Pinterest success. Backgrounds, content, and aspect size also play important roles in how a pin will perform.

[Infographic] The Best Images for Pinterest

Planning the images for a blog post or any other pinable content is just as important as the copy.  Have you noticed similar trends for your images on Pinterest?  Share your experience in the comments!