Who is your ideal audience? Is it a 35 year old male with a stable job and extra income to burn? Or a 15 year old girl who loves the latest trends? Maybe someone else entirely? No matter your choice demographic knowing more about them will help any marketer reach them more effectively.  Reaching those targets over social media is no different.  The differences in social media use in teens and adults may surprise you. NextAdvisor's infographic takes a look at the generational divide in social media use.

If you are looking to connect with teens, they overwhelmingly can be found on Twitter and Facebook.  94% of teens are on Facebook compared to only 67% of adults.  As you might expect, teens are also more apt to use social media in general.  Teens and young adults both have over 80% social media use, while adults over 30 tend to use social media less as their age group goes up.

[Infographic] Adults vs Teens Social Media UseWhile people of all ages use social media, they don't all use it in the same way. As with any other medium, knowing how your target demographic uses social media will only enhance your marketing efforts.  For those that connect with adults and/or teens have you noticed these same trends in your own social media marketing efforts?  Share your experience with us in the comments.