Ghostwriting 101: What It Is, and Why You Need ItYou're a busy person! There's the actual business to be done of running your own business.  While you know that social media should be a big part of your marketing you just don't have the time to commit to it.  That's where ghostwriting comes in!

What Is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is the practice of writing for another person or brand.  The ghostwriter receives no publicity or credit for the writing.  They encapsulate the brand or individual's voice, and use as many quotes from the real person as possible so that the experience is seamless to outsiders.  Ghostwriters are used by many popular celebrities, musicians and brands especially over social media platforms.

Why Do You Need a Ghostwriter?

To say you are busy is probably an understatement right?  Well don't let that hold you back from pursuing social media. A ghostwriter will allow you to focus your attention elsewhere, while granting you the peace of mind that your reputation & words are in competent hands.  Your writer can increase your influence on social media, and bring in new fans & followers.  They combine your own words & voice with social media best practices to give you the best possible results: more time to focus on doing what you do, and an improved social media presence & brand reputation.

Ghostwriting can play a beneficial role in brand & reputation management.  The ghost writer can keep all message on topic, in keeping with the brand's voice and goals all while harnessing the knowledge and experience of a seasoned professional writer & social media professional. If you would like more time to focus on running your business consider a ghost writer.  LOLSMG offers complete social media & reputation management services including ghost writing!  Give yourself the gift of more time and let us keep your reputation safe & sound.