Is Your Content Shareable?Is your content shareable?  Content marketing is all about sharing.  Getting content shared to promote brand awareness and authority is one of the preeminent goals of content marketing.  People love to share content that is genuinely useful or helps solve some issue, that brings about an emotional response, and that is relevant to them.

Genuinely Useful Content

Genuinely useful content can come in many forms from case studies to tutorials or lists.  Infographics often fall into the genuinely useful category.  They are visual representations of more complex ideas or data sets. Tutorials and how-to are also great options. They help people overcome problems as well as display your own knowledge and authority.

Emotional Content

There's a reason all those cat videos have gone viral, they are great at bringing about emotional responses. From "aww that's so cute!" to inspirational or touching stories, to downright hilarious.  Emotional content can also come in the form of quotes, imagery and videos, or personal stories.

Content that is relevant to your audience

If you are an investment banking firm you probably won't be posting the same type of content as a trendy web design or marketing firm.  You want your content to be relevant to your business and fans.  The occasional off topic post isn't a big deal, however consistent posting about random things can throw off your fans. Not to mention it can be downright not interesting to those you are trying to target. Don't drive your fans away with boring or not relevant content!

Not all content is created equal.  Creating content that is highly sharable or downright viral isn't always easy. However, sticking to these three categories will help your content marketing efforts go further.  Do you have any other tips for creating content that is highly sharable?  Share it with us in the comments.