Blogs, What Are They Good For?PR of course!  Does your brand have a blog?  If not you many ask yourself what are blogs good for?  Aside from benefiting your site's SEO, blogs can be a strong part of your brand's public relations strategy.  Here's how your brand's blog can improve your PR efforts.

You Control the Message

You have absolute control over what content is published in your blog.  You can craft your message to meet your own exacting specifications to share exactly the messages you want with your audience.

Enhances Your Brand

Blogs can enhance your brand in a variety of ways. They help to develop brand voice and message as well as adding value to your audience.  It allows your brand to demonstrate it's authority and knowledge in your industry.

SEO Benefits

Blogs also benefit your website's SEO or Search Engine Optimization. In other words, it helps search engines find your site!  Search Engines love content that is valuable to real people, and that is updated regularly. Additionally, utilizing Google Authorship your blog content will rank higher to those logged into their Google accounts who have you in their circles.  The days of keyword stuffing to rank in search engines is long over, now that will only hurt you.  Content marketing, which includes blogging is the key to improving your site's SEO.

So what is holding you back from your own blog for your brand?  Let your blog enhance your PR efforts and in return watch your brand grow and become more recognized.