7 Tips to Drive Traffic To Your ContentCreating content is only part of the equation. Even the best content needs promotion in order to drive traffic.  Here are 7 tips to get your content the exposure it deserves and bring in traffic and social shares.

1. Post at the right time, on the right social media network.

Each social media network has it's own best practices and best times to post.  This is also in part determined by your own audience. If you have an audience that is on the West coast of the US you will probably be posting at different times than if your audience is international.

2. Use Visuals

All your blog posts should have visuals, and those visuals should be used when promoting your post. Eye catching visuals will catch viewer attention when they see it in their feeds. This is especially important on visually oriented social networks like Pinterest. Ensure your visuals are large enough so they are displayed without any pixelation or distortion.

3. Have Share Buttons

Make it easy for viewers to share your content. If you are using a content management system there are many easy plugin options to add share buttons to your site.  Make sure you include social share buttons for all the most popular sites.

4. Titles are Important

A great title can get the attention of your audience and bring them to your site.  Craft your titles carefully so that they appeal to your audience. This also applies to whatever text or phrases you use in your social media promotions.

5. Ensure Readability

Use headlines, lists, and paragraphs to make your content easy to read.  Most of your viewers will be skimming your content.  Make it easy for them to pick out the important takeaways from your content.  It also goes without saying to ensure your copy is without grammatical or spelling errors or other errors that can lead to poor readability.

6. Know Your Audience

Know what your audience is interested in and the type of content they love then give them that content!  That's not to say you shouldn't try new things, because you never know what will be an unexpected hit!

7. Learn From Your Mistakes

Not all content will be a viral smash hit. Unfortunately that is life. However, you can learn from what doesn't work well and improve upon it.  Maybe that topic has been overdone, or the information was out dated, or someone else just did it better. That's okay, every mistakes can lead to a new opportunity to learn and grow.

Time invested in creating content is only half of the equation.  Time spent publicizing content will help your content get the recognition and shares that it deserves and in turn bring in more traffic to your site.  Do you have any other tips to get your content on it's way to going viral?  Share them with us in the comments!