6 Tips to Promote Your Content Like a ProYou may think that the work stops after you publish a blog post.  Generally speaking, that's not so - the work is only just beginning.  Your content is just one piece in a sea of content, all vying for traffic.  How you promote your content after you hit publish can help determine your content's success.  Here are 6 tips to give your content a fighting chance to capture your audience's attention and traffic.

1. Use Social Media

Sharing others  content is great, and it should be part of your social media activities, but don't forget to share your own content.  Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and any other social media networks you may be on.  Pinterest, especially tends to be a great source of traffic for blogs.

2. Connect With Other Bloggers

Visit other related blogs and leave comments.  This will not only help you network, but also gain exposure and back-links for your own blog.  Remember though, comments should be real comments.  Avoid spammy, keyword filled comments. Chances are they'll get deleted anyway!

3. Try Bookmark Sites

Submit your blog post to sites like Digg or StumbleUpon. These sites can reach more people looking for content like yours.

4. Make Your Content Shareable

Ensure that your content has easy to use and find social sharing icons. Visitors shouldn't have to search to figure out how to share your content. Be sure to include high quality, well designed images in your posts for sites like Pinterest and even Facebook with their new, larger images in shared links.

5. Guest Post

Guest posting is still a great way to not only network, but reach an entirely new audience.  Guest post with blogs of similar topics to build your own community and show case your authority.

6. Newsletters

Do you have a newsletter? If so, great (if not what's holding you back?)! You can use it to include links to your latest blogs.  Email may be the only way some of your audience sees your content, so be sure to let them know about your latest and greatest content.

Even the best content needs help from external forces to drive traffic.  Leverage the power of social media, email, bookmarks, and other blogs to get your content in front of more people.  Do you have any tips for publicizing content that you've had success with? Share them with us in the comments.