Vine is one of the hottest new apps around, don't think that just because it has no sound it's not for musicians! Musicians and bands can also use Vine's videos to promote themselves and their gigs!  Check out 5 of our favorite ways to use Vine as a promotion tool for musicians.


1. Show off Your Swag! Show your fans all the sweet merchandise that could be theirs. Create anticiaption for your newest CD or the special edition vinyl with a sweet unboxing clip. Not only will your audiences get a sneak peek at the new swag but you'll increase their anticipation for it as well.

2.  Show off your gear.  Your drums are awesome right?  We all know that, so show them off! The guitars too!  Give your fans a close up look at the gear you use to make the music they love. Who knows you might end up inspiring other artists while you are at it. Imagine the thrill of learning your most favorite band uses the same drum sticks as you!

3.  Life on the Road.  Give your fans a look at what life's like on the road for you.  A little editing and you have your very own montage.

4.  Fan Vine Videos! Have a contest, or just display your favorites on your site, or RT on Twitter.  Make sure you have hashtags for your fans to use on Vine then sit back and let your fans give you a show!

5. Stage View. What fan wouldn't love to be on stage with you? Who doesn't dream of being on stage themselves?  Give your fans a glimpse into your life with a Vine video of your views from the stage!

Are you a musician who uses Vine? Do you have any tips to add? Tell us about your Vine experience in the comments!