5 Tips to Supercharge Your ProductivityIn an age with modern conveniences and more technology than we know what to do with productivity is still key.  Getting more done in the same amount of time is a lofty goal with great potential benefit for your pocketbook and overall lifestyle.  Here our 5 of our favorite tips to get the most out of your day.

1. Turn off the Notifications.  Sometimes it's important, but most of the time notifications be they emails, phone calls, texts, or replies on social media are just distractions. Unless they pertain to the job at hand, just turn them off for the time being.

2. Do Short Tasks First.  This is especially true if a task will only take a few minutes.  Clear out those short, annoying tasks first, so the rest of your time is available to focus on the longer more involved tasks.

3. Make A Schedule (and stick to it). Making a schedule is one thing, actually using it is another. A schedule that isn't used does no good.  Schedule out time for all of the things you must do, this includes things like lunch. Not eating doesn't make you more productive - it makes you hungry.

4. Learn to prioritize.  Learn what must be done immediately and what can wait. Not everything is an emergency all the time.

5. Take Care Of Yourself. If you don't feel your best, how can you work at your best speed?  Getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and being active all will help improve your quality of life and your productivity levels.  You will be healthier, and miss less time due to illness.

These are some of our favorite productivity tips. What are yours? Share your productivity tips in the comments!