5 Tips To Select The Perfect Guest BloggerGuest blogging has many benefits for both the guest and the host. However, picking the wrong guest blogger for your site can have negative consequences for your site's reputation and your site's SEO rank.  Picking the right guest blogger isn't always easy, so here are 5 tips to select the perfect guest blogger.

1.  Check for duplicate content. 

Some guest bloggers peddle the same article to many different sites.  Google frowns upon duplicate content, so before you post an article be sure it's original.  Don't forget to check on the images too!

2.  Do your homework. 

Check out the work your guest blogger has done previously. Even if they are new to blogging they should have blog articles that they can show you of work they have done. Previous work can be a good indicator of the quality and type of work you can expect from them.

3.  Be relevant.

Your guest blog should be relevant to the topics covered in your blog in some way.  If your blog focuses on photography a recipe would be out of place.  Don't shock your readers with completely off topic posts.

4. Have clear guidelines.

Give your guest blogger clear guidelines of what you expect in a blog entry.  This includes everything from character count, to images, to policies on author blurbs/biographies.  Telling a guest blogger in advance will save you both time and effort after the fact.

5. Be selective.

It pays to be picky with your guest bloggers.  You may get many submissions but you should only pick the ones that are the best for your blog.

Do guest bloggers play a role in your blog's content?  Share your tips for finding the best guest bloggers in the comments.