You're a musician. You have a brand new song coming out and want to get the word out about it. What do you do? Why, head on over to Twitter of course! Before you start tweeting, take a moment to go over our 5 favorite tips to get your music promotion going in the right direction.

5 Tips To Improve Music Promotion on Twitter -

1. Tweet when your fans are online. This may mean scheduling posts for different times, especially if you have fans all over the world in various time zones. If your fans don't see your Tweet they won't click that link to your new music, right?

2. Call to Action. Use those verbs! Tell your fans to click the link, to visit your site! They will listen! Don't just tell them about it, tell them to take action.

3. Ask your fans to RT. Studies have shown that tweets which ask for re-tweets or "pls RT" will be re-tweeted more than those who don't. Get your fans to help you out and spread the word.

4. Build suspense  Before your new music launches talk about it! Give sneak peeks of the process to your fans. This will build interest and get your fans pumped up to get your new music as soon as they can.

5. Don't spam! As much as you want to get the word out, talk about other things too! Repetitive tweets get boring fast, don't bore your fans!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and spread the word! Your fans are waiting to hear what you have to say. Use our music promotion tips for Twitter and get your music noticed.  Do you have any other awesome tips for promoting music on Twitter? Let us know and tell us about it in the comments!