5 Tips to Improve Your Email MarketingWith all the emphasis on social media marketing it can be easy to overlook the humble email. However, emails can play an important role in any marketing strategy. While social networks come and go emails are here to stay.  Here are 5 of our favorite tips to improve your email marketing.

1. Optimize your emails for mobile. With more and more people adopting mobile devices they are more often checking emails on the go. Make sure they can read and interact with your emails on any mobile device.

2. Be relevant. This is especially important when emails are sent automatically based upon user actions. Make sure the emails are actually relevant to the action.

3. Track your campaigns.  Don't just send and forget your campaigns. Track and monitor them, then adjust your strategy as the data indicates.  Many tools like Mail Chimp provide easy access to your campaign stats, so there's no reason not to keep an eye on them.

4. Integrate your social media. Make sure your social media information is easily found in your emails. Also don't forget to add easy access to email newsletter sign ups on your social media pages.

5. Have quality content.  No one will be interested in your email if it's not interesting or relevant to their interests. Keep the content fresh and interesting, and don't forget to provide incentives like promotions and special deals.

With these 5 tips your email can enhance your marketing efforts. When used well, email marketing can be even more effective than social media marketing. Don't overlook email any more.  Do you have any other tips for improving email marketing?  Share them in the comments!