5 Reasons Contetn Marketing Matters To Your Brand | lolsmg.comContent marketing may seem at first to be just another marketing buzzword, but it's here to stay and can greatly enhance your marketing & SEO efforts online. Here are 5 reasons why content marketing matters to your brand.

1. Customers prefer to learn about brands through articles & content rather than ads.  Content like articles, blog posts, videos and images all create value for potential clients and customers.

2.  Corporate blogging leads to more site visits. On average brands who blog receive 55% more site visits than those who do not.

3. Relevant content is relevant.  Content relevant to your industry not only helps search engine rankings, but provides value to clients and customers.

4. Content marketing leads to an increase in leads, and brand awareness.  Marketing & advertising budgets are now allotting content marketing as 39% of marketing budgets.

5. Following brands on social media is a big influence on the purchases of consumers.  However, getting followers on social media requires new and interesting material generated by content marketing.

Content marketing has great benefits for brands. Using the power of content marketing brands can increase engagement with their industry and customers. How does content marketing play into your brand's marketing strategy? Tell us about it in the comments.