You're a celebrity, you're famous, you probably are active on Twitter or another social media network. It lets you connect with fans, share news, and generally speak your mind. So who don't you have a website?  Doesn't social media cover all that? No, and here are the 5 biggest reasons why celebrities need an official website.

5 Reasons Why Celebrities Need an Official SIte

1.  Not everyone is on social media. I know, it's a shock! But it's true!  By only having a presence on Twitter, for example, you are cutting out all of those fans who are not on Twitter, or who are inactive on it. Just think of all the fans (and potential fans) you could be interacting with, but aren't. Those are potential buyers of your music, or your new perfume.  They are missed opportunities.

2. Control your news. Do you really want an unauthorized fan site to be breaking all of your news? Or do you want your fans to get their news about you, from you? Where do you think your fans would rather go? To you of course! But fans sites can steal your thunder, remember all those missed opportunities from #1? They are all going to the fan sites.  Not to mention all of the misinformation out there; you can quell those rumors by being the trusted official source about yourself.

3.  Build your brand.  A cohesive brand will help you reach more fans, and grow your fan base    Your official website is the anchor to cement your public image in the eyes of the public. Your official site can unite your scattered social media accounts into one cohesive, unified, and verified location that works to enhance your image.

4. Protect your image. There are people out there who buy domain names with every intent to sit on them until they become valuable. Do you want someone out there having Who knows what they could do with it!  Controlling your name domain protects your image, and your reputation.

5. You can make money.  Really you can!  Not only does an official website let you promote your own products, but it can serve as a platform to work with advertisers and affiliates who would love to have you represent their products.

Are you ready to take your image and brand further? Ready to really connect, engage, and build your fan base?  Then contact LOL Social Media Group to help you design your perfect website today. Together we can help you bring your dreams to life!