5 Mobile Friendly Email TipsEmail isn't dead.  More and more people are checking emails on their mobile devices. For this reason, it's more important than ever to give them a great experience.  52% of smartphone users send or receive email on their phones (source). Pinching, zooming and scrolling around will leave your viewers frustrated, and less likely to view emails from you in the future.  Here are 5 tips to ensure your emails are mobile friendly!

Keep it Simple

This may be one of the most important items to remember. Keep your emails simple and to the point.  A simple one column layout will be much more mobile friendly than a more complicated multi-column layout.  Emails are not vehicles to show off your design skills, save that for your site or portfolio!

Use Image Alt Tags

Not everyone will  have images enabled by default.  When this happens viewers will see only the image alt tags. Give them descriptive names that compliment the copy of your email, especially if your images contain important information.

Use Prominent Calls To Action

Don't hide those CTA buttons! Make them big, bold and easily visible and clickable.  Viewers should have no problem clicking on your buttons with their fingers.  Don't leave viewers wondering what you want them to do, spell it out for them with clear calls to action.

Choose Fonts With Care

Font choices are always an important aspect of design. This even more important on mobile devices. Avoid fonts that are hard to read, or small.  Viewing small fonts on a small screen may be an impossible task for many of your viewers!  Use large, easy to read fonts.

Perfect Your Subject

The most mobile friendly of all emails won't do you any good unless it gets opened.  Subject lines must grab the attention of your recipients and encourage them to click.  There's no easy way to find the right subject line.  There's no way around it, the only thing to do is test different subject lines.

Mobile email usage will only continue to rise as more and more people make mobile their first choice when it comes to accessing the internet.  Give your mobile email recipients the mobile friendly design they crave.  Do you have any other tips to create great mobile friendly emails? Share them with us in the comments!