Or anyone else!  Social Media networks come and go, but one thing has stood the test of time: Email. Email addresses may change over time but it's still a reliable way to contact people in a place they look every single day: the inbox.  So here are 5 of our favorite tips to make your email newsletters successful.

1. Give People a Reason to Join Your Newsletter

Some people do join a newsletter because they are genuinely interested, but many want some sort of benefit for themselves. Maybe it's early access to a new single, or swag.  Maybe it's free or discounted merchandise, or exclusive content. Whatever it is, make it unique and desirable.

2. Provide Value

Your fans & readers are busy, they don't just want to read a rehashing of what your newsletter said last time you sent it out. Give them the content they want. Make it interesting and valuable for them.

3. Add Calls to Action

If you want your readers to purchase the new CD  suggest a name for your next album, or vote on the best fan photos, then ask them! Don't be afraid to ask fans to take some sort of action. Maybe it's voting in a poll, a Tweet or directing them to your latest YouTube video, whatever it is ask them & give them the direction they need.

4. Use an Email Service

There's nothing more frustrating to users than unsolicited emails (ie. spam). So give your readers the option to unsubscribe with an email autoresponder service. There are many out there both paid and free. They also offer you other great features to help maximize your newsletter's success like templates, and analytics.

5. Be Creative

Not only in content, but in naming your newsletter. Lets face it, a newsletter sounds pretty boring. But who doesn't want to be part of the your awesome Exclusive Fan Club, or Back Stage Pass?

Newsletters or email lists cans be a great asset to reach your fans and drive engagement to your official site, and social media networks. Don't overlook this essential component to increase your loyal fan base. Do you have any suggestions or other tips for using newsletters successfully? Or would you like to share your newsletter success story? Tell us about it in the comments.