4 Tips to Improve Your Blog's ReadabilityCan visitors read your blog posts? Or do you assault them with an inscrutable wall of text?  Are your blog posts driving readers away?  Most readers skim your blog, they look for points of information.  Do you give them a wall of text? Or break down your information into easy to skim segments?  Formatting can be the difference between readers who stick around and read your posts and those who leave at the first wall of text.

Paragraphs Are Your Friends!

Don't forget to use them!  Walls of text are hard to read. Chances are your reader will just skim on down the page or leave completely.  Just because you are writing on the internet doesn't mean you can forget proper punctuation & grammar - this includes the use of paragraphs!

Use Headings

Using headings to separate different sections of your post into easy to skim segments.  Heading markup also play an important roll for visitors who may use screen readers or other adaptive technologies. Don't leave them out!

Lists Are Good

Ask yourself: "Would the information I'm writing about be better off in a list?"  Lists are easy to read and easy to skim.  Either ordered or unordered lists will help readers digest your information quickly.

Add Multimedia

Images, slideshows, videos and animations add life and interest to your blog posts.  They also play a big role in social media, especially on visually orientated networks like Pinterest.  Additionally they may help reinforce the concepts and ideas shared with a the written word.

Follow these guidelines and visitors will spend more time reading your blog posts and learn more information from them.  Do you have any other tips to enhance the reader experience on your blog? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Is your blog readable? Here are 4 tips to improve Your blog's readability.