4 Things Your Brand Should Know Before It Uses MemesEveryone wants their content to go viral.  Memes are one of the best examples of viral content out there.  Before you head off to your favorite meme generator here's what you  need to know about using memes in your brand's content marketing.

Know Your Meme

This cannot be stressed enough.  If you are going to use means, you have to know what they mean. Meme misuse is highly frowned upon, so much so that there is a meme for that.  Where do you go to educate yourself in memes?  The best place to go is the aptly named Know Your Meme, or you can learn from observation on sites like Reddit.

Is Your Brand Meme Friendly?

Memes aren't for every brand. As much as you might want to harness their viral power it may clash with your brand's portrayal.  You want your branding, including brand personality to be consistent, suddenly throwing around memes when you had only had professional updates & advice will certainly shock and confuse your audience.

Not All Memes are Successful

Many are simply flashes in the pan, or just don't connect with people.  There is some trial and error involved. It will take time and effort to determine what memes resonate with your brand's community. Keep trying different things and don't get discouraged if your first memes aren't as successful as you'd like.

Use Memes Responsibly

For most brands, Memes are best used in moderation.  Remember to keep your content types fresh and varied. Memes are great for breaking other types of posts, but don't rely on them for all of your content (unless of course that's what your brand does!).

Knowing these four basics about proper meme use will help brands harness the viral power of memes in their content marketing efforts. Meme use can be fraught with peril but knowing the basics will help prevent any meme faux pas.   Have you used memes in your marketing efforts? Tell us about it in the comments!