[Infographic] 9 Essential Elements of Choosing a Domain NameChoosing a domain name will soon get a little more difficult.  More top level domains will be available for use leaving you with more options to choose from.  How can you choose a domain that will help build your brand, and by extension your business?  Check out these tips from the folks at WhoIsHostingThis.com and your next domain name purchase will be a great one.

When choosing your domain there are several things to keep in mind.  Your domain is a branding tool and can set the tone for your business.

A good domain should be:

  • Short
  • Memorable
  • Catchy

Avoid the following:

  • Hyphenated names
  • Trademark infringements
  • Long names

Remember, potential visitors need to be able to quickly and easily remember (and spell) your domain name after hearing or seeing it.  Keep your visitors in mind when selecting a domain.

While there has been an increase in the variety and use of new top level domains such as country domains, .biz and .info, .com is still the leader when it comes to trusted domain names.  Visitors still associate .com as the preferred and most common domain extension and are quick to assume that your domain will end with the familiar .com.  You can avoid confused & lost visitors by registering multiple domains and redirecting them to your preferred domain. Many sites do this with common misspellings as well as different top level domains.

[Infographic] 9 Essential Elements of Choosing a Domain Name

A great domain name will build your brand, and make it easy for your audience to find and connect with you.  The hardest part of finding a domain name is often just creating it!  The effort you put into it now will serve you well in the long run.  Do you have any other tips for selecting a great domain name? Share them with us in the comments.