Coders young and old, new and experienced we've got two events to tell you about today to help you get your learn on.  Google has announced information about their Summer of Code program that will help young coders get experience and "Flip bits not burgers  this summer.  MLOC.JS is the sold out JavaScript conference taking place in Budapest.


MLOC.JS was organized by some well known companies like LogMeIn and Ustream. It features speakers from Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Paypal, Groupon and more! The event is sold out so if you aren't currently holding a ticket you are out of luck...or are you? Fortunately for the JavaScript enthusiast MLOC.JS will be live streaming their entire event.  Livestreaming will start at 8:50am CET on Friday the 15th and will continue at 10am on Saturday the 16th of February.


Google's Summer of Code is aimed at college students and introduces them to the world of open sources software development.  It unites students with organizations looking to mentor the next class of developers.  Organizations interested in mentoring students may start applying on March 18th until March 29th, while students may not apply until April.  The actual coding phase of the program will not start until June, well after classes have ended for students.  For more information, or to apply, check out the 2013 Summer of Code website.

Do you know of any other cool events going on for programmers, developers, or designers? Are you planning on attending (or livestreaming as the case may be) either MLOC or the Summer of Code?  Tell us about it in the comments!