Whether you are a band or celebrity with brand new publicity shots or a designer with a new project you want to ensure that your images can always be traced back to you.  Nothing is more frustrating than having someone else take credit for your hard work!  Fortunately, protecting your images with a watermark is a quick and easy step you can take to protect your content.

For this tutorial we will be using Adobe Photoshop CS6, however you can use any image editing program that uses layers.

Step 1:

Start out with your image, here we have a tree.

Watermark Tutorial Screenshot 1

Step 2: Add your watermark text.

Watermark Tutorial Screenshot 2

Step 3: Add a new layer, and select a rectangle using the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M).

Fill the selection with black using the paint bucket/fill tool.  We have chosen black because our background is white, if your image has a dark or colorful background try using white instead.

We could stop here, but it's best to watermark your images over the most complex part. It makes it harder for unscrupulous people to get rid of your watermark, so that's what we will do.

Watermark Tutorial Screenshot 3

Step 4: Move the text and change the opacity.

Here we have moved and enlarged the text to our ugly black rectangle.  Select the rectangle layer, where it says opacity change that to 15%.  Change the text opacity as well, we don't want the watermark to detract too much from the image.  We have our text set to 25% opacity and it's color is black. You may want more or less opacity depending on what font you have chosen.

Watermark Tutorial Screenshot 4

The finished product:

Watermark Tutorial Finished Product


Adding a watermark is quick and easy.  There are many ways of doing it, you can even use logos or other images.  The more complex the logo the harder it is for potential content thieves to get rid of your logo.  Remember, you don't want your watermark to be too distracting, just to be visible enough so to deter thieves.