Tutorial: Create Your Own Patterns in PhotoshopSubtle patterns can really give a design depth and visual interest.  However, searching for the right pattern can be a time consuming task! Don't waste time looking for the pattern of your design dreams! Making your very own pattern in Photoshop is easy!

Step 1: Make a New Document

Depending on the look you are going for you can make your pattern as big or small as you desire.  For this example a small pattern was created. It's only 10x10 pixels.


Step 2: Add Create Your Pattern

Next using the line tool 3 lines were added to create my pattern. You can create whatever pattern you want. Keep in mind, the pattern will repeat vertically and horizontally, this may give you a different effect depending on how you design your patter. If you want it to be a seamless pattern, take care to plan it out to avoid misalignment.  The white background layer was deleted so that the pattern has a transparent background.



Step 3: Define Your Pattern

Go to Edit > Define Pattern then give your pattern a name and hit save.

texture_tut4 texture_tut5

Step 4: Use Your Pattern

Go to the paint bucket tool and switch, if necessary, to the pattern option.  Click the down arrow near the active patter in the top toolbar and choose your new pattern.  To test our pattern a document with a purple background was made.  The new pattern was put on a new layer, then the opacity was adjusted until the desired effect was achieved.

texture_tut6 texture_tut7

That's it! Creating your own patterns in Photoshop is easy! Patterns have endless uses, so use your creativity to create patterns to enhance your latest design project.