Mobile technology has become ubiquitous across the world. More and more people are using it to access web sites, shop online, and manage their accounts.  It should come as no surprise that the face your site presents to the mobile web matters.


A new site WTF Mobile Web has just upped the ante. This site displays some of the most head scratching mobile site designs and issues.  This site serves as a great example of all the bad design mistakes that have gone before you, and that your site should avoid. From apps telling you to download their app (that you are already using mind you), to mobile ads covering all the content, to content scrolling in all directions and much much more, WTF Mobile Web shows designers exactly what not to do.


It's not all mockery at WTF Mobile Web, they do offer resources to help improve the mobile web experience. The site's goal is to improve the web experience by pointing out flaws in design, and to help others avoid making the same mistakes.  They make the important point, that no matter what device a user is on they deserve a good experience.

Here are some key tips to ensure you don't find your site on WTF Mobile Web:

  1. Thoroughly check & test your mobile design in all browsers, operating systems and in a variety of devices.
  2. Design your site to be responsive from the ground up, consider devices of multiple sizes and how your site will change based on viewport size.
  3. Learn and follow the mobile web best practices.

So, are your viewers getting a good experience? On mobile? On any device no matter the viewport size? Now is a good time to double check what you are doing, and ensure you are giving your viewers the experience they deserve.

What's your biggest challenge designing for mobile devices? Tell us about it in the comments.