How To Use Photoshop ActionsDo you find yourself repeating certain steps over and over again while working on an image in Photoshop?  Ever wish there was a way to replicate those steps by simply pressing a button?  Well there is!  Photoshop Actions do just that.  They allow you to record then use a set of actions on any image.

Photoshop comes with a variety of built in actions for you to use.  Finding them is easy, just hit Alt-F9 on the pc (Option-F9 on Mac), or navigate to Window > Actions.  The actions tab will be located next to the history tab at the top of your screen as shown below.

Photoshop Actions Step 1Next simply click on the action you would like to use, and hit the triangle Play button.  Then sit back and watch as Photoshop takes over and goes through each step of the action.

Photoshop Actions Step 2

Here's an example using Photoshop's built in sepia tone action.

Before: Photoshop Action Sepia Tone Before

After:Photoshop Action Sepia Tone After

Photoshop Actions can save you time and make your workflow more efficient.  You can either make your own custom actions or use actions made by others.  There are many available both free and paid on sites like DeviantART.  Do you use Photoshop Actions in your workflow? Do you have any favorite actions? Share them with us in the comments!