If you are a photographer, artist, illustrator, graphic designer, or any one else who has fallen victim to image theft you know the pain of finding another using and even profiting from your images without your consent or compensation.  Imgembed aims to put an end to this. Montetize and Monitor Your Images with Imgembed

How you may ask? Imgembed allows user to use images that properly credit the original creators, and creators get the credit they deserve, as well as monetize their images if users do not wish to show credit.  Learn more in the video below:

The service is free to join. Images are free to use, provided the artist's credit is shown. Artists can set their prices for premium use, and receive payment based upon the impressions the images receive. Imgembed provides users with an interesting alternative to stock images. There are some restrictions however. Imgembed images cannot be altered, aside from sizing. So this may not be a viable option for things like layouts and themes, however, it is a great alternative for bloggers and others looking for something more unique than stock images for their posts.

While monetzation is a welcome benefit for artists, tracking the usage of your images is just as valuable. This information can be a great tool to gain insight into what pieces are popular and with what audience. Information with will certain help marketing efforts, and the creation of new pieces.

Are you an artist? Have you tried Imgembed? Are you a blogger? Have you tried Imgembed? We want to hear from both sides of the coin! Tell us about your Imgembed experience, is this the way of the future?