Desiging a new site or interface? Need awesome icons? The challenge of wading through irrelevant search results is over. Meet IconFinder, the Icon search engine.  What about icon designers? Selling icons is a great income stream, but how do you reach customers? Yes! Icon Finder! Specifically, the newly launched IconFinder Marketplace!


The IconFinder Marketplace unites those in need of icons, with those who have icons for sale.  Icons can be purchased either individually or in sets.  Icon sellers get a profit share of 70% which is inline with other digital marketplace sites.  All of the icons are reviewed by IconFinder staff ensuring only quality products.

IconFinder is currently running a promotion where you can enter a contest to win $250 credit for your account IF you buy your first icon by April 15th. Hurry up and don't miss out, it could be you.

Searching for icons in IconFinder is easy. Just type in your search term and results appear before your eyes. You can sort your icons by licence and size, as well as view the icons on dark, light and transparent backgrounds.  No more playing the "How will this icon look on my site?" game.

Have you used IconFinder? Tell us about your experience in the comments.