Do You Embed Responsively?Do you Embed Responsively?  No, we aren't talking about embedding appropriate content from the original source.  Do your embeds scale with your responsive site? Or do they simply stay their original size?  Don't let your embeds ruin your visitor's mobile experience on your otherwise responsive site. There is a simple solution, the aptly named Embed Responsively.

It's simple.  Copy and paste the url of any one of a number of popular embed friendly sources and embed responsively will give you an embed code that is responsive.

Embed Responsively Screenshot

Embed responsively supports multiple formats including Vimeo, YouTube, and any generic iFrame.  However, you won't find support for Facebook, Twitter or Storify. Why?  They are already responsive!  Embed responsively is completely free to use, and if you'd like to work on it yourself is available to fork on Github.

Have you ever considered if your embeddable content was responsive or not?  Or have you ever noticed any issues from non-responsive embeddable content playing havoc with your responsive site?  Share your stories in the comments.