Cloud.Typography Now Live Offering Over 1000 FontsWhat designer doesn't love fonts? Finding the perfect font for a project can be an exhausting hunt.  Well respected type foundry Hoefler & Frere-Jones has just launched cloud.typography.

Cloud.typography offers H&FJ's selection of 900+ fonts, as well as a special selection of 250 exclusive fonts that have been designed to work well on the smallest screens the web has to offer.  These ScreenSmart fonts are specially designed so that no matter how small the font is, each character is easily distinguishable from it's neighbor.


The service however, is not free.  It has a variable pricing plan based upon monthly page views.  Sites with less than 250,000 views a month can find a plan starting at $99 per month. Large sites with more than 20 million views a month can expect to pay $299 per month. In addition to the fonts account holders will receive 5 free web-font packages, free cloud use of already purchased fonts, cross domain support of fonts, and 1 gig of development bandwidth for testing.  Unlike other web font services, Cloud.typography fonts are hosted on the users server, instead of a CDN.

Will you be using this service? Or do other font services already meet your needs? We want to hear from you in our comments!