6 Signs Your Site Needs an UpdateWhen was the last time your site was updated? Not with fresh content (though that's important too), but the actual look, feel, and function of your site?  While some things do get better with age, websites are NOT one of those things. For the sake of your brand here are 6 signs your site is in need of an update. If your site has any of these signs, especially if it has more than one or even ALL of these signs, don't wait. We're here to help.

1.  Your site is entirely done in Flash.  If your site is a Flash site, it might be high in interactivity but it's low in SEO, and mobile? Heh. Forget about it. iOS doesn't support flash, and Android removed the Flash app from their app marketplace.

2. Underconstruction Gifs. If your site still features any of these classics anywhere on it's pages your it's time for an update.

3. Your Site is Not Responsive or Optimized for Mobile. Can visitors even view your website on their mobile phones or tablets? Can they click on links, and use the site just as well as they could in a browser?

4. Your Site Does Not Work in All Browsers (especially the latest editions of those browsers). Browsers do in fact get upgrades. These add new features and layers of security. While many older websites conventions and features are still supported not all are.

5. High Bounce Rate. Do visitors view your front page and immediately leave?  Time to figure out why and fix it. It's time to get more sales & conversions!

6. Your Site Does Not Reflect Your Brand Image.  Take a good hard look at your site, and those of your competitors. Does your site truly reflect what your brand portrays? Does it match your presence on social media networks, or offline?

Outdated sites have no place in the modern business world. Your brand deserves better!  If your site needs help, don't worry, LOLSMG would be happy to work with you to design a site you can be proud of and that will bring your brand to the next level. Together we can put an end to outdated websites.