6 Reasons Your Bounce Rate Is High And How You Can Fix ItWhen a visitor visits a page of your site and then leaves, it is counted as part of your analytics bounce rate. It doesn't matter how long that visitor stays only that they left your site after visiting only one page.   Unfortunately, a high bounce rate can indicate some problems with your site.

1. Your site loads slowly. 

Visitor's won't stick around to wait for your site to load. They will hit the back button and find the information they seek elsewhere. The Fix: Use a CDN to host images and media, or a caching plugin if you use a CMS like Wordpress. Ensure your website's coding is clean and not overly complicated or repetitive.

2. Distractions!

Does your site have music or video auto-playing from somewhere? Are there popups for ads and newsletters?  The Fix: Remove some of the distractions. Don't let videos or other media auto-play. Keep the popups to a minimum.

3. Poor Layout

Is your navigation clear? Can visitors find things on your site? A site that is confusing, or hard to navigate will chase off visitors. The Fix: Ensure your site is designed well. It should be self explanatory to visitors with a clear navigational and organizational structure.

4. Not Cross Browser Compatible

Can visitors view your site properly on their browser of choice?  Firefox, Chrome, Navigator, and Internet Explorer should all be able to use and view your site properly.  The Fix: Test your site in all browsers and operating systems.

5. Do Not Support Mobile

Your mobile users will be looking at your site on a considerable smaller screen than your desktop viewers. Don't send them packing with a site they can't use on their mobile devices. The Fix: Use either responsive design or a mobile website to give mobile users a great experience.

High bounce rates don't need to be a source of panic. They may indicate simply indicate an area that your can improve upon.  If your site has a high bounce rate take a look at these issues and ensure they are all fixed.