5 Tips For Clients to Work Successfully With Web DesignersDesigning or re-designing your website is an exciting time.  However, that excitement can turn to frustration when you discover that the design process isn't how you envisioned it.  Here are 5 tips to ensure you site's design process goes smoothly.

1. Have Clear Goals

Have a clear goal in mind for your site.  Will it be a portfolio? A blog? Or will it be more geared to marketing your company, brand, or specific product?  Different goals and priorities will lead to different design considerations. Knowing these upfront will help your designers & developers start out and stay on the right track.

2. Keep Branding in Mind

If you already have branding materials let your design team know about them! Give them any logos and branding requirements that you might have.  These will help them give you a site that encompasses and supports your brand instead of working against it. From colors to fonts your site should be an extension of any other brand presence you have in a brick & mortar store or online.

3. Be Aware of Limitations

With every project there are limitations, maybe it's the budget or maybe it's technology.  While it may seem a simple thing to add that feature, it's not always that easy or necessarily the best idea. Having the latest and greatest features always sounds tempting, but don't forget tip #1. Don't let the fancy gadgets take you away from your original goal or your user's experience. Which brings us to tip #4...

4. Always Remember the Users

Having a great site is well, great. But it's not about you. It's about your visitors! A site that's a work of art may look great, and fully encompass your branding but if users can't find what they need it's not going to help your business. Balance form & function to capture more leads, and drive more sales. To that end, it's more important than ever to ensure your site works on all devices.  Never forget your mobile users!

5.  Speak Your Mind & Communicate

But be open to change your mind.  If you don't like your site design, tell your design staff. Even better, ask them about the design choices they made.  There's probably a choice behind that design element. Maybe it was a miscommunication, or maybe that font was chosen because it's easier to read on multiple devices, or because user testing revealed that design was more effective at creating conversions.

Use these 5 tips and your website design process will go smoothly and end with a fantastic site that meets your needs.  Is there anything you wish you knew before embarking on the website design process?  Share them with us in the comments!