5 Tips to Take Your Blog's Images to the Next LevelThey say an image is worth a thousand words.  It's as true today as it ever was.  Social media is trending to put more emphasis on images. Facebook has increased the image sizes on shared links, not to mention the impact image centric social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest have!  Here are 5 tips to help you take your blog's images to the next level.

Death to Stock Photos!

No really, that's what the site is called.  Death to Stock Photos is a new site that will offer 10 free creative commons images every month. Judging from the sampling on their page currently, they look pretty awesome! A notch above smiling customer service girl, or happy people at a meeting.


You don't have to have Photoshop to create great graphics.  PicMonkey is a free online image editor that's great for either creating graphics from scratch or touching up images.  PicMonkey has some great filters, fonts, and other great options to give your images a special touch.

Learn the Basics

You don't have to become a graphic designer, but being familiar with some of the basic principles of design will give your blog images a more professional look and be more enticing to your readers.  Topics to learn include color theory, typography, and composition.  There are many free learning resources available online either as organized classes or articles.

Take Your Own Photos

Cameras are everywhere today, even cellphone cameras can take fantastic images!  The resources to learn the basics of photography are easily found across the web.  Taking your own images for your blog will give it a unique look that only your blog will have, as an added bonus images that are not used might be perfect for other uses either another blog entry or social media - like Instagram!

Hire an Artist

If you happen to see an image or photo that might be the perfect match for your blog, seek out the original artist and ask them!  Some may charge a fee, others may not, it's entirely dependent on the artist and their own policies.  Just remember to never assume they'll work for free, after all a lot of effort, planning and execution went into creating that piece! If you can't find the exact piece your are looking for there are resources out there, like Pico Images, to connect you with a stock photographer who has what you want!

Taking your blog's images to the next level will not only add beautify your blog, but get the attention of your readers on your site and over social media.  Do you have any other tips to take blog images to the next level? Share them with us in the comments!