5 Photoshop Alternatives for Designers, Photographers and Digital Artists | lolsmg.comPhotoshop may be the program of choice for millions of designers the world over, however, it's not the only choice!  Here are 5 of the best alternatives to Photoshop for all your design needs. Open source to paid options, for digital painters, photographers and everyone in between there's something for everyone.


This is one of the best known Photoshop alternatives.  It's free and open source, and available for Windows and iOS.  Like Photoshop GIMP offers a powerful suite of image editing abilities. From a customizable experience to image enhancements GIMP is a powerful tool in any designer's toolkit.


Pixlr is an online based image editor. It has most of the features that you would expect in a powerful image editor such as layers, brushes, selection tools and image enhancements.  It's also available for mobile devices, and best of all is completely free to use.

Corel Paintshop Pro

With pricing at a considerably lower price point than Photoshop, Corel's Paintshop Pro is a viable alternative.  It offers a variety of powerful editing tools as well as features like facial recognition and Geo-tagging abilities, as well as many powerful but free plugins.

Photoshop Elements

For those who don't need all of the features of Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements may be a perfect match. Elements offers an experience that is more user friendly while still providing powerful image editing abilities.  Elements is also available for both Windows and iOS.

PaintTool SAI

A favorite of digital illustrators, PaintTool SAI offers robust brushes and great pressure control that make it a great option for digital painting, coloring and inking.  As you might guess from it's name, this isn't a good option for image editing, there are better options for that. However, don't let it's simple design fool you, for digital painting this is one of the best options out there.

Looking for more free Photoshop alternatives? We have even more here.  Did we miss your favorite program? Have you left Photoshop for something else? Share your favorite programs with us in the comments.