Everyone loves infographics.  They are easy to share and easy to understand, but they aren't always easy to create. Or are they? Here are 5 great services to help you create an engagement building infographics for free.

5 Free Tools To Create Dazzling Infographics

1. Infogr.am.  Infogr.am offers you more than 30 different chart types to illustrate your data.  You can even edit your data or import data from a XLS, XLSX or CSV file.  They give you options to download or share and embed your newly created graphic.

2. Visual.ly. Visual.ly is perhaps one of the best known infographic services.  It allows users to create and share infographics as well as commission infographic creation.

3. Get About. If you are interested in your own social media use, specifically Facebook usage Get About is for you. Just sign in with your Facebook account and Get About will generate a personalized infographic on your Facebook usage.

4. Vizualize. Vizualize.me is for those interested in producing an infographic resume. It only takes one click for Visualize to turn your resume into an infographic.

5. Pictochart. Picktochart features a customizable editor that allows you to modify colors, fonts and insert premade graphics and shapes.  It offers both a free and paid version which runs $29/month.

Lack of design skills is no longer an excuse for not creating your very own infographic. give one of these services a try and be on your way to having your very own highly sharable infographic.  Have you tried any of these infographic services? What was your experience like? Tell us about it in the comments.